If you’re looking forward to the spooky season, but have become bored of haunted houses, try out something new—check out a haunted forest. Rather than cramming into the rooms of a creepy haunted house, peruse the paths of a scary forest. If you aren’t too scared of the dark, take a look at our guide to what happens at a haunted forest—from bush scares to spider-filled paths, you’re in for quite the fright!

What You’ll Do

In its most basic sense, a haunted forest will take you through a terrifying forest. Whether it be scary décor or actors dress up in spooky costumes, you’ll follow a path through various themed stages until you reach the end. Think of it like a haunted house thrown into the scenery of a forest. Make your way through the paths and get spooked along the way—the forest locale makes it even more of an adventure!

What You’ll See

Depending on what haunted forest attraction you attend, you’ll experience a variety of scares. Some forests involve a constant chase—it’s more like a 5k through the forest than a leisurely stroll. Others will expect you to walk slowly through the different themed areas of their forest. You’ll see people dressed as bushes to pop out, you’ll come across sections of the forest foggier than others, and so much more. No two haunted forest attractions are the same, but they all tend to have the same goal in mind—leave you more scared when you leave than when you walk in. Below we have a quick list of what you may typically see at a haunted forest:

  • Themed areas: circus acts, butcher shop, ghosts, and more
  • Actors popping out
  • Spooky decorations: scarecrows, broken down tractors, bloodied fabric scraps, and more

What You’ll Hear

Haunted forests are quite similar to haunted houses, which means you’ll hear about the same sounds you hear there as you will out in the woods. However, a lot of haunted forest attractions will play off of their setting. You may notice more cawing of crows, snapping of twigs, and maybe a snarl or two of an animal. On top of the sounds of the actors and sound machines, you’ll also have the natural elements to add an even spookier touch to your evening.

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