For quite some time, people have turned to haunted houses for the perfect spooks during the Halloween season. The pitch-dark halls, creepy noises, and terrifying actors are all staple characteristics of haunted attractions. Now, if you want to try something a little bit different than your typical haunted house, a myriad of other haunted attractions has come about. From haunted theatre tours to prisons, there are many different types of haunted attractions—learn more about them below!

Haunted House

Your typical haunted attraction, haunted houses are the most popular haunted attraction. They can have all sorts of themes and take place on one floor of the house or go all the way up!

Corn Mazes

An attraction that acts as more of a scary mind-trick, corn mazes can be quite scary when done well. Guests can expect to experience all sorts of twists, turns, and dead ends. Go in the daylight to test the waters or at night for a spooky adventure.

Haunted Farm

This is what we offer here at Fear the Raven—an excellent haunted attraction in Haverhill, Massachusetts, that uses a farm to accomplish spook our guests. We take all the scares, sounds, and themes of a haunted house and bring them outside to the farm. You’ll also find a haunted corn maze and tons of monsters to scare you.

Haunted Forest

Similarly, a haunted forest takes all the classic eerie factors the other attractions share and transports you to the forest. Most often, guests will follow a trail that will lead them to various scares and traps. These use the natural surroundings to make it even scarier—learn more about them, here!

Ghost Runs

Ghost runs are a bit more different than what you may think. Sure, there are some “spooky” 5K’s, but what we’re talking about is somewhat different. Guests receive various clues as to where different attractions are, and they use their car to get there. Think of it as a haunted scavenger hunt!

Haunted Hayrides

Another form of agritourism, haunted hayrides take you through a farm, park, or plot of land while on a hayride! A driver takes patrons into the darkness and leads them through fields, barns, and more. You can expect to see out-of-control farm equipment, scary characters, and more.

Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are an all encapsulating attraction—they include everything from exploring a city’s popular haunted spots to visiting haunted hospitals, prisons, ships, and more. These tours typically won’t have actors to spook you but will instead rely on the locations’ actual hauntings.

If you’re looking for something spooky, head to Boston—you’ll find tons of haunted attractions. If haunted farms seem like something you’d enjoy, head to Fear the Raven—you won’t want to miss it!