There’s something so fascinating about fear and the way people react to their fears. Whether it’s something small, like the fear of balloons, or something that keeps people from traveling, like the fear of flying, fear changes us. Our reactions, our emotions, our general persona, and our demeanors shift completely when we experience fear. We discuss the most common fears people can’t get over.

Claustrophobia—Fear of Enclosed Spaces

A fear many people struggle with is the fear of enclosed spaces. People who deal with this feel like the walls close in on them. Many people who feel terror in haunted houses often have this fear, but getting over it is a bit more complicated than putting yourself in small spaces. Sometimes, this fear may link back to a personal experience.

Nyctophobia—Fear of the Dark

It probably doesn’t surprise you that this fear made the list. A fear quite common in children, but something that follows many people into their adult life, is nyctophobia. Technically speaking, this fear isn’t really about fear of the dark itself. It’s more so linked to the idea that there’s something in the shadows, but we can’t tell it’s there. This fear typically has roots in traumatic experiences that occurred in places with little to no light.

Acrophobia—Fear of Heights

Effecting about 5% of the population, acrophobia is the fear of heights, and it inhibits a lot of people from traveling or admiring gorgeous views and landscapes from high places. People who suffer from this fear avoid any high places, and “high” depends on the person—for some it can be the second story, and for others, they may handle rollercoasters, but they can’t step on a plane.

Agoraphobia—Fear of Open Spaces

In the most general sense, agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces, but it’s a bit more complex than that. It’s a type of anxiety disorder in which you avoid places or situations that cause you panic. People who suffer from this have a hard time feeling safe in any public area, especially if crowds are involved. This fear can trap people in their homes, and it often makes leading a normal life quite difficult.

Arachnophobia—Fear of Spiders

Probably the fear that plagues more people than any other is arachnophobia. People who have this fear tend to believe that many areas harbor spiders and feel uneasy in those situations. A lot of people who deal with arachnophobia have other phobias of insects and snakes.

Coulrophobia—Fear of Clowns

Haunted attractions often feature clowns, and that’s why those with coulrophobia tend to stay away from them. Research found that clowns portrayed as terrifying and negative characters across the entertainment industry contributed to a steady increase of this intense fear. There’s a big difference, however, between the spook of a thriller and the deep-seated panic and intense emotion caused by coulrophobia.

Pteromerhanophobia—Fear of Flying

Even though flying is the safest way to travel, pteromerhanophobia still affects many people. Almost a third of the global population experiences this fear, and the symptoms can range from severe anxiety on the plane to never even getting on a plane. Even seeing a plane flying low can stimulate extreme anxiety, but it’s important to realize the chances of getting struck by lightning are higher than dying in a plane crash.

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