If you’re looking for a good scare, haunted attractions are the way to do it. Step away from the horror movies and put yourself in the position of the actors in those movies. Wander through spooky rooms, terrifying fields, and massive mazes. However, if you want to survive the scares, it’s important to respect the actors. Take a look at these tips on how to not tick off haunted house actors and enjoy the scary season the right way!

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Scared

One of the things that upset haunted actors is when people come in acting like they own the place. A tough-guy attitude or saying phrases like “I’m not scared,” “this is so lame,” “are they even trying to make this scary,” are sure to upset the actors. If you feel scared, don’t try to hide it. And if you’re not, don’t ruin it for those who are.

Don’t Scare Other Guests

Another no-no when it comes to haunted attractions is trying to scare the other guests. You are not the actor, and in fact, that actor probably went through an extensive audition process to get this role. Therefore, respect their space and don’t try to scare the other people in the haunted house. If you’re with someone who keeps trying to scare you, firmly ask them to stop, as security could kick them out of the attraction.

Don’t Point Out an Impending Scare

A sure-fire way to tick off the actors of a haunted house is by pointing out impending scares. Don’t be that person. If you see an actor setting the scene for someone in your group or the attraction in general, leave them be. Don’t ruin it by pointing it out to the others—let them experience the fun.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

One of the best ways to not annoy haunted house actors and avoid someone kicking you out is by keeping your hands to yourself. Sure, some people’s knee jerk reaction is to strike the thing that scared them, but if you can’t keep your hands to yourself, don’t go. Even if the attraction doesn’t explicitly mention never to touch the staff, this doesn’t mean you should. If you grab, push, or hit the actors, it may result in your ejection from the haunted house. If you do accidentally knock into an actor, immediately apologize. If you have a habit of striking out, have your friends agree to hold your hand to keep you from doing so.

Don’t Have Your Phone Out

Finally, don’t have your phone out while you’re going through the house. Almost every haunted attraction has a no cellphone role. There are many reasons for this, and the main one being you end up ruining the experience for the rest of the patrons in your group. When it comes to taking photos—don’t. Most workers don’t want to take selfies with you and your friends inside the attraction.

As long as you follow these rules, you’re sure to have a spooky and enjoyable experience. Turn to Fear the Raven, Haverhill’s haunted house and farm, the next time you want to get in the spooky spirit. You won’t regret it!