Halloween is right around the corner, which means the spooks are on their way! Maybe you’re someone who loves the thrill of turning a corner and not knowing what lies ahead, or maybe you hate the thought. If you and your friends or family are planning a trip to a Boston haunted house or haunted farm, then you should check this guide to the different types of haunted house visitors. One of the most exciting aspects of heading out to these activities is the variety of people you’ll see and their shifting reactions. Understand more about the different personalities here!

The Laugher

One of the funnier types of haunted house visitors, the Laugher is the one who can truly boost the mood when everyone else is downright terrified. Whether it’s laughter from pure terror, or the one who thinks the costumes and actors are hilarious, the Laugher is someone you definitely want in your group. Giggling, cackling, snorting—it all adds to the fun and the terror.

The Protector

The Protector is the person who is scared, but not as scared as the rest. They take the responsibility of making sure everyone else feels safe and will take the role as the leader of the pack. They’ll put themselves in front of the Crier or the Screamer and do their best to protect from scary moments.

The Crier

One of the more obvious types of haunted house visitors is the Crier. This is the person who truly can’t handle being spooked, and when they are, breaks down in tears instantly. Sometimes these people can’t even handle being outside the house or farm—the thought alone gets them weepy.

The Runner

The Runner is terrified before they even step foot inside, and they run at the slightest noises. If you’re with a big group, this person will get out much faster than the rest—or not even make it through at all. More often than not, the Runner will have a bit of Screamer and Crier within them. If you forced them to come, then get ready to have them waiting for you in the car.

The Reasoner

This is the person you probably don’t like going to a haunted anything with. The Reasoner will try to talk to the actors in the house and reason with them, or just pretend that they’re having a normal conversation with the actors. It can be funny, though, because some people have no idea that they’re even doing it; they keep a running commentary because it helps them calm down and feel like they’re in charge.

The Screamer

The Screamer may not necessarily be a hater of all things haunted; in fact, they probably enjoy it. Part of the fun for these visitors is the thrill, and their way of reacting is with a scream. It can happen every time something jumps out at them, or at only the spookiest areas. These people are the most common personality you’ll see.

The Expert

Finally, the last of the different types of haunted house visitors is the Expert. This person has either acted in these spooky events, or has turned it into much more of a passion than an annual spree. They’re more interested in the theme and the props of the house or farm than the actual scares.

If you’re hoping to get spooked, head to Ravenwood Haunted Farm, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. You’ll get to see these personalities all around when you decide to visit!